Nurture Your Emotional Health

What to Expect

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Apprehensive about starting psychological therapy?

It is common for people to feel nervous and apprehensive about accessing psychological therapy, often wondering if it is necessary or if it will help. If you feel stuck, lost, distressed or even confused, accessing therapy will help you to make sense of what you are feeling and why. Once we understand  your experience, we can work towards implementing change. The focus in therapy is to improve the quality of your life outside of the session.

When you enter the The Health Lounge in Cranleigh, you will be warmly greeted by a member of our team, who will invite you to take a seat, where you can help yourself to any of the refreshments provided.   

Initial Assessment (1 hour)

This session is focused on gaining a shared understanding of your difficulties. Together we will consider both current and historical factors that might be contributing to your distress. We will work towards establishing your therapy goals and begin to create a bespoke plan for treatment.

Subsequent Therapy Sessions (50 minutes)

We will always tailor treatment to your individual needs, together we will draw a visual diagram illustrating what is keeping you stuck within your difficulties. This diagram will reflect how your thoughts and behaviours influence how you feel. Once we have a shared understanding of your difficulty, this diagram will become our map for treatment. Therapy will likely incorporate a combination of ‘talking and doing’. We try to make our sessions as creative and interactive as possible. 

It is advised that appointments are offered on a weekly basis to help the momentum of healthy change.