Thomas Carter

Doctor of Chiropractic / Managing Director / Lead Chiropractor

Tom attended The University of South Wales for five years, graduating with a 1st Class Master’s degree in Chiropractic. He is registered with the General Chiropractic Council and the United Chiropractic Association. 

During his career he worked for one of the busiest private chiropractic clinics in the UK, as well as for the busiest chiropractic company in Europe. Tom is a specialist in specific upper cervical chiropractic which is the gold standard in achieving optimal results in neurological health. In addition to this, he also teaches other chiropractors his own method of neurological analysis, which enables the correction of subluxation in the order the body wants it corrected. 


Tom’s journey started with a film degree, becoming a freelance photographer, and being a personal trainer (PT).  It was during his PT training he found an interest in how the body works and discovered great satisfaction in helping others. Unfortunately his love for weightlifting resulted in a severe herniated disc in his lower back.  Unable to pick up weights for his clients, this necessitated a career change.  A conversation with his Chiropractor inspired him to move to Wales to start the best journey of his life; studying to become a Chiropractor.  The injury was a blessing in disguise.

Tom is highly ambitious and wants to share his knowledge with the public as to what health is and how to find it. He has made it his mission to create a greater standard of healthcare in the UK. Knowing the truth comes with the responsibility to share it. 

The health revolution is just beginning.

Our clinic in Cranleigh is within easy reach of Guildford centre, Horsham and Godalming.