Here at The Health Lounge in Cranleigh, we endeavour to provide you with a relaxing and positive experience during every visit.

What to Expect

Fresh start

Preparing for first appointment with your chiropractor

We ask you to fill out the new client registration form prior to attending your first appointment.  We encourage you to take your time with these questions, as a comprehensive form will help us deliver better health results. Please be as detailed as possible when answering these questions as this will help the doctor’s analysis (even if something seems minor or irrelevant it’s best to put it on the form).

You do not need to worry about wearing specific clothing, as we give you a gown to wear.  If you want to wear some shorts or elastic waistband trousers that’s fine, as long as there is no metal within them.  Please remove any jewellery before your appointment as that will speed up the process. If you require an x-ray of your spine, any metal objects will obscure the anatomy.  The x-rays are taken at the clinic to save you time and money.

Initial Consultation (1 Hour)

When you arrive at The Health Lounge in Cranle Cranleigh you will be warmly greeted by a member of our team, who will invite you to take a seat, where you can help yourself to any of the refreshments provided.  The paperwork you completed prior to this appointment will then be reviewed.  

Dr Tom will conduct an in-depth assessment including;

  • A detailed health history and agreement of your health goals.
  • Neurological assessment
  • Structural misalignment analysis
  • Neurological subluxation analysis
  • Leg length analysis
  • Bespoke orthopaedic testing
  • X-ray imaging if clinically indicated 

Your Second Visit (30 minutes) - Group Information session

We believe you deserve the right to make an informed decision about your choice of health care and whether we are the right place for you.  Your Chiropractor will show you how true health is achieved.

This visit has been designed to expand your knowledge of what to expect from chiropractic care and how to interpret your health assessment.  Research has shown this information session actually enhances clinical outcomes (you get better and faster results, saving you time and money).

You will not be required to share your information and none of your personal health information will be discussed or disclosed to others. 

This session will last 30 minutes.

Your Third Visit - Report of Findings

Having attended the information session, you now have the tools to understand your examination results.  This will be a 1:1 session with Dr Tom where you will gain a shared understanding of the cause and solution of your health problems. No two people are the same and this is why we create a bespoke health plan that is tailored to your needs. If Chiropractic is seen to be unsuitable, you will be referred to the appropriate specialist. Dr Tom is comprehensively trained in diagnostics to ensure you are provided with the best possible care. 

Subsequent Appointments - ‘being checked’

During each appointment your chiropractor will check and adjust you if necessary.  It is important that you only receive an adjustment if your body is ready to receive it.  Your neurology will give signs of what nerve pathways need to be opened up or stimulated, if at all.  There might be visits in which your body is clear of subluxation and you don’t need to be adjusted.  If you are clear when you visit us, we celebrate that you are connected and your body is in the process of healing.  

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We would love to welcome you to our family-friendly clinic based in Cranleigh. We are within easy reach of both Guildford town centre and Godalming